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Shanghai Languang International Trade Co.,Ltd

[China] Ground rod of copper-clad steel

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Ground rod of copper-clad steel at low price, high quality materials make our ground rod: cold drawing round steel and wrapped with copper tube (contain copper content >99.9% and 0.5mm thickness for copper tube). The structure of copper-clad steel is made by special machines to ensure the excellent mechanical and electric conductivity ,It has strong anticorrosive performance. It is often used to avoid thunder and static electricity for electrified wire fence, antenna, computer house and buildings.
1. The type of LG-001-B1 is consisted of main rod and link tube and wire terminal, it is used to drive into underground per one and fetch out the line with line clip or meeting with fireclay. The diameter 10mm-22mm, length can be demand by our consumer.
2. The type of LG-001-B2, consist of length of the main rod is 1200mm-2000mm, diameter 14-15mm, the two ends linked with whorl linker, drive head, cusp and so on, it can be used with more than two pieces.
3. The type of LG-001-B3, consisted of main rod, linker and wire terminal, can be used with more than two pieces. There are two types of diameter: 10mm, 14mm, it is mainly exported to Japan.
4. The type of LG-001-B4 copper clad-flat steel The structure of the product: flat steel wrapped with red copper ( thickness of copper is 1mm and contain copper content>99.9% ), extensively used for down-lead wire or construct web under ground avoiding thunder and so on with excellent conductivity and anticorrosive performance, convenient install.
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